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Fans of Benjamin McKenzie who plays Ryan on The OC

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This is a community for fans of a certain actor called Benjamin McKenzie Schenkenn. aka: Benjamin McKenzie and/or Newport's Resident Bad Boy, Ryan Atwood.

If you're in love with Ben or Ryan, then you've come to the right place.
Feel free to post up anything about Ben or the character he plays, Ryan.

Rules & Regulations:-

1- Pls don't ryt lyk dis cuz its nt cool + v nice 2 luk @. Thnx!

2- Be considerate to others. We all love Ben/Ryan, so no pushing or shoving or "Ben's Mine Hand's Off!" However, any bashing, rudeness or inexcusable behaviour (eg: threatening to kill another member) is forbidden and I will ban such behaviour.

3- You will not be banned for talking about other cast members of the show. Although, a topic entirely on Seth Cohen or Adam Brody is out of place. And I will delete such posts without notice. If linked to Ben or Ryan in anyway, it is allowed.

4- If you don't like The OC or Ben/Ryan then don't join out of spite.

5- I will not censor you in anyway, so feel free to comment on anything you like. This will be a very open community.

6- Advertising of your community is allowed but please post once.

7- If you choose to join, pls introduce yourself and include the answers to the following questions...

Fave Episode of The OC:
Fave character besides Ryan:

Thank you.

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Name: Benjamin McKenzie Schenkkan
Birthday: September 12, 1978
Birthplace: Austin, Texas 1978
HighSchool: Austin High, graduated 1997
College: University of Virginia, bachelor's degree 2001
Salary: $15,000 - $25,000 an episode for The OC
Family: Parents and 2 brothers
Place of Residence: Has an apartment in Santa Monica
What he Drives: New Infiniti G35

Other Info: Uncle is Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Robert Schenkkan Benjamin McKenzie , son of Austin attorney Pete Schenkkan and poet-writer Frances Schenkkan was born and raised in Texas. He has two brothers, which are 22 (A Yale Graduate) and 19 (Attending Pomona College). Following, his graduation from the University of Virginia where he was a Foreign Affairs and Economics major, he moved to New York to pursue his passion for acting. While in New York he appeared off-Broadway in "Life is a Dream" at the Soho Rep. Additionally, he performed in numerous productions at the Williamstown Theatre Festival, including "Street Scene" and "The Blue Bird," and at the University of Virginia, in "Measure for Measure" and "Zoo Story" before moving to Los Angeles where he landed a lead role in THE O.C.

"JuneBug" - (2005 Movie)
"The OC", (2003-05) - Ryan Atwood
"The District," - CBS - playing a teenager who had been molested by a priest.

Quotes About his O.C. audition: "I had sort of an F-you vibe," says the babyfaced actor born Benjamin McKenzie Schenkkan. "Everyone else had come to audition and kissed the asses of [producers] McG and Doug Liman--which they should in a sense, because they're so accomplished. But I just didn't. I went in and did my thing, and I don't know, I guess they liked it." Personal Quotes

"I've always been kind of a loner. Continue to be. So, in that sense, Ryan and I are the same. I played football in Texas, but I didn't really hang out with the jocks. I did honors courses, but I didn't hang out with those kids, either. I sort of had my own group I hung with occasionally, but I've always been kind of by myself." - When asked about his high school experience.

"It's a Fox thing, the bad-boy image. They're trying to type me out. There are worse things in life, you know. I'm just really excited about the opportunity."

"It's against type in the sense of my background, but it's with type in the sense that I am a loner who's new to this business and skeptical about a lot of it." When discussing differences between Ryan Atwood and himself.

"I'm somewhat puzzled about that myself. I did theater in college, so I had already started down that path, but I didn't want to major in theater at U. Va. I didn't really know what I wanted to do, so I thought I'd get a good education and do some acting at the same time" Explaining why he majored in Economics and Foreign Affairs and not theater.

Sometimes those fears (about fame) creep into the back of your head, but then you slap yourself and think, 'Oh, woe is me! People actually like me.' What a silly thing to worry about. This is a huge opportunity, and I'm excited.

This whole scene is very strange. It's a very strange town and a very strange business, and it has a tendency to creep me out. Ryan's relationship with Orange County is very similar to my relationship with L.A.: fabulous wealth, and odd people behaving oddly, and I'm definitely a bit overwhelmed. I hope I'm hiding it well.